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Specializing in Exceptional Properties for the Equestrian Lifestyle.

Welcome! About Chandra

Hi, I'm Chandra Mast ~ ePro, CRMS, GREEN, GRI, Realtor®

I'm a Horse Farm Specialist in Lancaster County, Pa. There are a lot of horse farms for sale in Pa. You can't take your horse out farm shopping, so using a Horse Farm Specialist is the next best thing! As an avid equestrienne for over 35 years, and certified student of Equine Science, selling horse farms comes naturally. Finding the right buyer for your farm and getting to the closing table is a complicated process with horse farms. By using a Horse Farm Specialist you can avoid common pitfalls. I will help you evaluate:

  • What is your farm worth? Including Historic and Architectural merits
  • Finding your dream farm: The process of Farm Shopping
  • Land Usability: Identifying the highest and best use of a property
  • Equine Property Management: From pasture rotation to waste management
  • Stables and Structures: from bank barns, horse stables to run-ins
  • Zoning use: Clean & Green Program, Land Preservation, & understanding local ordinances

The biggest mistake horse farm owners make is putting their farm on the market before it's ready. It may take a few weeks or longer to gather your financial documents, make fencing repairs, or get an overused pasture to bear grass. Give yourself plenty of time to get your farm into shape. The best thing you can do to get your horse farm SOLD is to use a Horse Farm Specialist. Call me anytime for a free Farm Consultation and Market Analysis to facilitate the successful sale of your horse farm.

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7.5ac Farmette with Rancher

"We selected Chandra because she specializes in Horse Farms. We met on the internet, originally. Chandra exceeded our expectations in every way and kept her cool when dealing with a difficult situation during the sale. Lucky for us, Chandra went above and beyond the norm to get the house we wanted!!" T. Gaston

2.2ac Farmette with 1880 Stone Farmhouse

"We worked with Chandra because we trust her and we like her enthusiasm and energy. She helped us with the well issues the property had and made things easy to understand. She worked hard for us. Chandra could not have done better in our opinion. She was amazing!" A. Basom

7ac Country Farmette

"Chandra was absolutely wonderful during the entire process - from the first time we "accidentally" came across the sale sign on the home, to the actual settlement day. She was immensely knowledgeable and helpful in contacting the proper people for the various disciplines that we needed information about. I would highly recommend her!" D. Kalbach

60ac Dutch Dream

"I knew Chandra from the LancasterHorse.com forums. We knew she would work hard for us and she specializes in equine properties and farms - very important! Chandra continually went above and beyond the call of duty in every way. She exceeded our expectations!!" R. Myer

Relocating to Pa

"Moving from NY to PA was a daunting but exciting adventure for me. I do not know what I would have done without LH.com to introduce me to new horsey friends and businesses here in PA. While I may not be from Lancaster (actually from Berks) I try to attend functions and fun stuff when my schedule allows. I have met some truly extraordinary equestrians both personally and professionally through LH.com.Thank you!" C. Rebehn

4ac Private retreat

"We worked with Chandra because she specialized in horse properties. She was wonderful to work with.She always let us know what was going on. Chandra was a breath of fresh air and a blessing to work with. She really listened to our needs and opinions and was always on top of things. We were really pleased." D.Livingston

Networking Power

"LH.com has had a huge impact on the local horse community. I thought I knew alot of Lancaster County horse people, but LH.com made me realize I hardly knew any! I have made some wonderful connections on-line. Through LH.com I have bought a horse and sold a horse. The site has also brought some wonderful boarders to our farm. The networking power is amazing. Thank you Chandra and LH.com" K.Martin

Proud to be an LH'er!

"LH has MOST DEFINATELY impacted my life. I have more horsey friends than I have ever had before, and these are peeps I know I will have as friends forever. Okay, enough mushy stuff. Seriously, I never in a million years thought I would be hanging out with a bunch of folks that I met online. I have learned tons about horse care from all the knowledgeable horsefolk on LH. I am better able to care for my boyz thanks to LH. Yes, I do think LH impacts the local equestrian community. Look how quickly we can fill a clinic, classes at shows, and are we ever amazing at spreading the word about events. We also have been self-educating, and that is always a positive impact. We set a great example of supporting each other and mentoring each other. You can see this at every LH-attended event. Just look for the noisiest cheering section! We always demonstrate that it is about the fun, horsemanship & camaraderie. The ribbons are nice, but that is not why WE show. I think that is a wonderful example to set & I am proud to be an LHer!! I know, I know, corny, but it is how I feel!" A. Williams


"Just ask my husband, he'll tell how much LH has impacted my life, lol. It's funny, this is almost like a marriage; we're there for each other in good times and in bad. I know we have a lot of lurkers who may not feel comfortable joining in the fray, but I hope at least some will test the waters and see for themselves, just how closely knit this online community really is. No better place to turn for a little moral support or education than LH.com! Collectively we have many, many years of horsemanship and animal husbandry under our belts;who wouldn't turn to LH.com for suggestions and advice, I mean, really! I believe we pretty much have most bases covered. I think what makes this BB vastly different from so many other online forums is the fact it's targeted as being localized. We don't simply associate with one another through an avatar but we actually know each other on a personal level. We ride together, party together, show together, and SHOUT together. It has also enabled us to become involved in the community at large in the form of rescue and support of other charitable organizations. I'm proud to say it isn't always about just "us" and our own personal agendas. It's a good thing." C. Stull

Fostering Friendships

"I spent some time really thinking about this. LancasterHorse.com has been such an asset to the equestrian community. We all have made new friends and have been able to keep in touch with old friends as well. LH.com has helped to foster an on-line community of persons who share a common interest in horses. This bond has allowed so many other things to develop like fundraisers, helping Hurricane Katrina victims, supporting local places such as dining establishments, assisting in the donations of trophy's for the local therapeutic riding program, and learning clinics for members and so much more. It has been a pleasure to be a member and to get to know lots of others who share similar addictions" T.Linden

Community Coordination

"LH.com has been a great addition to my life--I've met so many great riding friends via the site. It's been a very helpful means for us to coordinate (and publicize) our horse-related events, and it is very useful to have at our fingertips a list of shows and events, as well as contact info for various equine professionals such as vets and farriers. Quite often when I get phone calls from folks moving to our area, I'll refer them to LH.com as they seek info related to the local horse community. You've created a great community here, Chandra, and I think it's been very beneficial to me personally and professionally. Thank you!" C. Gilbert

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  • Keller Williams Realty Lancaster
  • Keller Williams Realty Elite
  • Address:2213 Quarry Dr, West Lawn, Pa 19609
  • Phone: 717.314.4635
  • Email: chandra@lancasterhorse.com